Have a stubborn existing injury?

You’re in the right place.

Functional Fitness

You have been everywhere, to the consultant at the hospital, chiropractor, osteopath, physiotherapist and yet your long term injury has not gone away.

Functional Fitness is a weekly 30min class which will bring function back to muscles which have stopped working for you.

You’ll have online videos to keep you motivated in between classes.

Get function, build strength and I joy the yoga style stretches for a great range of movement.

I recommend my 6 personal training sessions for stubborn issues.


Back ache


Most Back ache can be eased with Pilates for Back Care foundation A,B,C =  of Alignment, Breathing and Concentration. This will protect your spine to eliminate discomfort. Coming to the weekly class you’ll understand how your body moves and why you currently have Back ache. You’ll be able to move more freely with Pilates for Back Care and it will help you to learn how you can simply protect your spine to eliminate the fear of moving. 

What would I recommend?

I recommend my Active £70pcm membership to be able to attend all weekly classes and keep in touch with Laura to ensure you are progressing the health of your back.