Have a pre-existing health condition?

You’re in the right place.

Healthy Heart

We all want a Healthy Heart, well this weekly class strengthens the heart muscle during exercise to make it more efficient at rest. You will reduce blood pressure and under medical supervision, can reduce medication.

Healthy Heart class will also manage your blood glucose and burn body fat both during and after class. Proven to lower HbA1c naturally and, under medical supervision, will reduce medication.

Be in control of your health through fitness. Enjoy the classes, with others doing the same as you. After all, all exercise will make you feel amazing as well as look good.

I recommend my Participant £35pcm membership.




Prehab not Rehab. Prevent sore joints with SandB class or reduce your recovery time form a joint replacemnt operation with just 12 weeks of strengthening exercise before your operation, which is the recommendations of the Royal College of Surgeons. This class is suitable for building strength, balance, confidence and reducing falls. 

You will be able to play with the grandchildren, continue with your gardening and all your daily activities with great ease and confidence.

I recommend Particiapant £35pcm membership.