Strength & Balance

Bring balance back

Has poor balance left you feeling unsteady? Is restricted movement limiting your ability to lead an active and independent live?

Whether it’s climbing stairs, bending and lifting or simply enjoying pain-free activities such as gardening, this Strength & Balance programme will restore your confidence with proven alignment techniques and gentle balance exercises that will help you move and feel great every day.

There are a variety of strength and balance exercise videos in our membership area, from which you can choose as many or as little as you like, to focus on the areas in which you most need support. You’ll soon be firmly upright with a stronger, well-balanced body as we eliminate the fear of falling, correct your posture and help you move more freely so that you can get back to enjoying your life.

Head, Neck & Shoulders

Learn safe and effective neck and shoulder exercises, muscle release techniques and a better seated posture, all of which are essential for good balance in everyday activities such as driving a car, turning to speak with someone or even crossing the road. They’ll create a better range and ease of movement to keep you mobile.


Everyday movements such as picking something up from the floor, lifting a bag or putting on a seat belt will twist, bend and flex the spine. Keeping your back strong with effective posture control, muscle release and warm-up exercises will get the spine moving in all its directions and restore mobility to eliminate back pain.


Leg strength is vital for daily activities such as climbing up and down steps, standing from a seated position, enjoying a relaxing walk and keeping up with an active family! You’ll discover balance practice exercises and leg strengthening techniques that will help you safely and confidently find your feet again.

Sign up today and get back in control of your mobility for a safe and independent future.