Strength & Balance

Healthy Heart and Preventing Falls

Arm, leg or heart muscle, you want all your muscles to be strong and healthy. Manage health conditions effectively with these two classes.

Your aim is my goal.

Providing safe exercise appropriate for your needs and very effective in achieving your aims. 

Strength and Balance offers two classes. The first is achieving a Healthy Heart to be fit enough for all of life’s activities. Using music to motivate your dance like movements, this weekly class is full of fun. Whilst building strength and challenging your balance too.

Then the seated Strength and Balance class targets specific muscles building muscle strength and bone density for greater balance in order to prevent falling. 

With a host of recorded content in the members area, the videos back up the two live weekly classes. All the content is fantastic for building confidence with balance, managing health conditions, increasing movement and building strength. 

Any questions or individual health concerns you may have, please feel free to use then link to book a free chat with me, I am more than happy to help and advise.

Sign up today and get back in control of your mobility for a safe and independent future.