Pilates For Back Care

Eliminate back ache 

It’s hard to comprehend that exercise will be of benefit to you and speed up  your rehabilitation when you’re in discomfort every day. But having previously been hospitalised with back pain myself, I understnad first-hand how debilitating it can be. I used the exercises and movements that feature in my Pilates class to get me back to full function.

After 23 years in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, I am aware that it is often confusing to know whose advice to trust, and the advice often given seems counterintuititive.

Pilates for Back Care uses the key principles of Pilates to mobilise your spine and achieve stronger, pain-free movement. Benefit from better balance and co-ordination, core strength and alignment to reach your health goals.

Whether you’re tackling recurring back problems or not, knowing how to align yourself correctly in exercise will reduce the risk of back ache ever happening and improve your general fitness and wellbeing at the same time.

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Sometimes Laura gives a small tip that makes all the difference to me. I’ve found great benefit from her tuition. I feel confident that I can now complete movements that I would previously have found challenging.

Laura’s instruction is powerful and she encourages me to think about my technique. When I focus, I feel my core firing up and the movement becomes more comfortable. I am seeing positive improvements as a result of regularly attending the online Pilates for Back Care classes.

Finally, I’d just to say how competently you manage to conduct our Zoom sessions and the videos you put online. It must put extra pressure on you, but there’s little sign of that!