Crowding Out

Your solution to weight management 

Crowding Out is like no other weight management programme you know.

Why? What makes this programme so different?

Three things are required for any kind of weight management programme to be successful.

  1. Information you can use to achieve different outcomes in weight management.
  2. Understand what you do, the routines and habits you have to understand how you make new lifestyle choices.
  3. Accountability. Be accountable to yourself, nobody else.

The first two points are covered with many weight management programmes.

Accountability, however, is usually removed form the individual and used by the business to retain the individual as a paying client. Once you leave the group, accountability has gone.

Crowding out is a 6 week plan to give you, not just the information and all the tools you require to manage weight and health, but also how to maintain this as a healthy lifestyle.

From the start you create your programme. You make choices and enjoy your food. Never feel guilty about foods you enjoy.

Ultimately, you take ownership of your programme.  You are successful because you are accountable only to yourself.

Long term, you are in control.

If you want to make long-term improvements to your diet and wellbeing, work with me and I can guarantee you’ll revolutionise your eating habits for good.

Crowding Out will take you on a journey of understanding that puts you in control and helps you reach your personal goals.

Crowding out has encouraged me to be more aware of the food choices I am making. By recording my diet, I can see where changes needed to be made. Less refined carbs and more protein and fibre.

Though making changes to my diet, drinking more water and moving more, I am feeling stronger and have much more energy. In just five weeks I have lost 5lbs and an inch from my hips and waist. I am very pleased with the result so far. Thank you Laura for all your support, I couldn’t have done it without you.

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