Manage your menopause

Feel like you’re losing the real you?
No longer know what’s ‘normal’ or not?
Want to feel confident and in control?

Back2Me is for you!

If you’re suffering from any of the common menopause symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, weight gain, hot flushes, night sweats or irritability, you’re not alone. 75% of women will experience symptoms to some degree during the peri-menopausal, menopausal and post-menopausal stages of life.

Rest assured you can reclaim your life and get back to health and happiness with this online menopause programme from wellness expert Laura Walker.

From just £10 a month, Laura will guide you through your menopause, giving you the strategies and knowledge to combat common symptoms and boost your wellbeing. Through the right nutrition choices and a safe and effective exercise plan, Laura will help you gain strength and fitness – all of which will bring you back to the real you!

Join Fitness Ways today to start the Back2Me online menopause wellness programme.

Just over a year ago I realised I was headed into my second half-century with a body that was getting heavier and stiffer. Nature was no longer on my side. I hope to stave off arthritis and bone-loss by strengthening my body now. Fitness Ways has been my first step in making the difference. I had almost begun to think it was too late – it never is!

I first signed up for the Back2Me programme. Laura assessed my fitness and took me through ways I could correct my posture and increase my flexibility.

I subsequently joined the weekly Pilates for Back Care class alongside joined an effective weight loss programme. As the weight came off, the exercise class helped me to maintain a good posture and tone up my muscles. I also attended the Back2Me menopause workshop delivered by Fitness Ways. During this we learned about nutrition, changes to the body, health and exercise.

I am feeling the benefits of attending the weekly Pilates classes, I am experiencing more strength in my core muscles, though I was convinced for years that I definitely didn’t have any! I still experience some aches and pains, but I have discovered that the more I exercise with corrective input from Fitness Ways the better I heal. This is a real change of mind-set for me.

I would happily and heartily recommend Laura and the Fitness Ways team to anyone who wants to become fitter and experience individual input to their programme. Just do it!



The ultimate HIIT fix

It’s time to shift your focus Back2Me to manage your menopause health with this fantastic hormone balancing workout. Short bursts of cardio, combined with strength and resistance training have been proven to be the most beneficial form of exercise for women in their 40s and 50s.

The Back2Me twice weekly Gymstick class will help you manage your menopause like no other form of exercise. Not only is the training is fun and unique,  exercising with a Gymstick helps to increase coordination, which is essential to maintain cognitive function during the menopause. But what makes it so special are the two resistance bands, which help to strengthen muscles and increase bone density, helping to stave off Osteoporosis in later life.

There is no bouncing in a Gymsticks class, but your heart rate will be elevated just as effectively through the movements.

30-minute Gymstick classes are run on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Previous classes are also available in the members dashboard.

You will receive

Posture support

EBook focus: Oestrogen
Video: Posture and pelvic floor workout
Nutrition: Soy
Change 1 thing: Protein at every meal

Resistance training

EBook focus: Resistance training (different types) and testosterone
Video: Warm-up workout
Nutrition: How to eat to aid testosterone levels
Change 1 thing: Healthy snacks


EBook focus: Balance
Video 3: Exercise workout
Nutrition: Sea vegetables
Change 1 thing: Gluten

Independent balance

EBook focus: Balance on right and left sides independently
Video: Cool down
Nutrition: Vitamin B and omega 3 oils
Change 1 thing: Green smoothies


EBook focus: Life laundry & health benefits of exercise
Video: Gymstick exercise
Nutrition: Nutrition for exercise
Change 1 thing: Protein powders


EBook focus: Relaxation & mindful body movement
Video: Relaxation workout
Nutrition: Nutrition for relaxation
Change 1 thing: Drink more water


Why do I need to subscribe when I can get information from the internet?

Whilst there is a lot of information on the internet, not all of it is relevant. With Fitness Ways you can access specialist videos and help guides created by an exercise and fitness expert who has a specific understating of how exercise will impact the body during menopause.

The menopause has not impacted me at all; why do I need a wellness programme?

You may be one of the 25% of women who experience no side effects from the menopause. However, it does not mean to say that your health will not be impacted. The changes in hormones affect the health of your heart, bones and spine. Exercise can reduce the impact your changing hormones will bring.

I already exercise, so why do I need to do more?

Many people understand the need to exercise but as the body changes during menopause, we need to change our exercise routine so that is it most effective. An exercise plan tailored to menopausal bodies will help you to manage the changes and reduce the impact on your health long term.

If I take HRT, does this mean I don’t need to exercise?

HRT provides a protective element for your body, which for some women is essential to being healthy during menopause. Exercise is like an ‘added bonus’ that will give you extra support through the changes.