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Back2Me® is a well-being programme for women at menopause

Many women currently experiencing menopause, will remember PE in school as a negative experience. You would like to be fit and healthy, partiulalry at menopause, but you may be fearful of starting to exercise which may not be beneficial. Will it be safe? Is it appropriate? Is it effective? Will I like it?

Back2Me® is the programme you are looking for. 

Back2Me® Ebooks show you the way to a healthier you. The kind of exercise which you will benefit form and exercise that is best avoided at menopause. The kind of food  that will balance your hormones, give you better moods, reduce belly fat and  keep your heart healthy.

Gymstick exercise class is safe, as there is no jumping involved. Effective in burning body fat and appropriae for getting hot and sweaty for a hormone response. 

Tried and tested, by women at menopause, to be effective in making you happy. 

Crowding Out

Crowding Out® will give you a personal plan to eliminate the belly fat that suddenly appears during menopause. You will be given the tips and advice for a personal weight management plan. 

What would I recommend?

Enthusiast £10pcm membership.

For those with specific concerns around menopause and health, let’s chat about your membership on a free 121.