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Hello, I’m Laura Walker – a qualified health and wellbeing instructor and founder of Fitness Ways.

For more than twenty years I have worked with people to manage long-term health conditions using exercise and nutrition to put clients in control of their health goals.

Through a continued commitment to training and extensive experience in the field, I have nurtured people with a wide range of challenges from cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes and arthritis to impaired balance, chronic back pain and menopause.

Fitness Ways is all about making health and wellbeing accessible to everyone, with bespoke videos, classes, e-books and personal training sessions that are delivered in a way that is safe and appropriate for you and your body’s needs.

I want to dispel the myth that exercise is only for those who wish to lose weight – fitness is for people who want to stay as active and as healthy as possible. With my help you can manage your fitness, health and nutrition to enhance your wellbeing and ease common ailments along life’s journey.

Join me in celebrating your body’s potential and start the path towards a more balanced you!

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