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“Despite being on Zoom – Laura is able to pick up on difficulties”

I’m getting to grips with the exercises and enjoying the stretch and strength I am building up. Despite being on Zoom – Laura is able to pick up on difficulties and can offer options for you to succeed.

Elizabeth Brown

“All my blood tests have improved”

I have been attending Laura’s classes for the past 8 years. I had a heart by pass 22 years ago because of cholesterol had 2 hip replacements one 10 years ago and one 3 years ago I will be 69 shortly, Laura has given me so much confidence and enjoyment to exercise even my surgeon said how strong my muscles were. All my blood tests have improved because of going to Laura’s class.

Anne Ritchie

“I had almost begun to think it was too late – it never is!”

Just over a year ago I realised I was headed into my second half-century with a body that was getting heavier and stiffer. Nature was no longer on my side. I hope to stave off arthritis and bone-loss by strengthening my body now. Fitness Ways has been my first step in making the difference. I had almost begun to think it was too late – it never is!

“I’ve noticed a considerable rise in my fitness level and flexibility”

What can I say other than I love this class . Gymstick is amazing – a real great workout for the whole body . Gets you hot and bothered! I also attend the Pilates class . Since I started last year I have noticed a considerable rise in my fitness level and flexibility. Feel amazing afterwards . Laura is fabulous and can answer all your queries and corrects your posture when necessary – no slacking off – she sees everything! Can thoroughly recommend the programmes Laura offers.

Elizabeth Brown

“Works us all hard but at our own level”

Gymsticks class – wondered if this would be for me, well it is exactly what I need! I’m no longer comfortable with high impact cardio classes – getting too many injuries! – and I want some instruction on how to engage my core and learn how to do resistance training. This 30 minute class which I thought would be easy-peasy really works us all hard but at our own level, and it is very satisfying to feel the effects for a few days afterwards!

Gillian Buchanan

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